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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Don't Live as 'The Walking Dead'

Dear Diary,

December 31 in the year of our Lord, 2015

I'm trying to create a pinterest board or blog or facebook discussion about brewing up joy in life everyday. For me joy flows from a confluence of gratitude, pride in achieving worthy goals, giving and receiving grace, and above all faith, hope and love. This is quite a soup that momentary happiness and thrills pale in comparison. I suppose you could call this a resolution, but I would love that it rather be a discussion and idea sharing daily experience. I hope you'll join me in generating ideas to really live in the moment, alive and aware. Much as I enjoy the show....I don't want to become 'the walking dead'. 

Dear Diary,

January 1 in the year of our Lord, 2016

Should have been a fly on the wall as I gave a willful squirming beagle a bath. At one point in the melee I ended up carrying him by his back haunches with his head hanging down to my ankles, both of us wet through. I won. My reward - a clean dog and hubby took me to the new Star Wars movie. All in all, did my walking, got in 30 minutes weight training (see above mentioned beagle), ate my black eyed peas, and was thoroughly entertained. An excellent first day of 2016.

Dear Diary,

January 2 in the year of our Lord, 2016

I ache everywhere. Such a cliche. Ain't it grand. To say the last phrase properly you must roll the R. Go ahead do it, say- ain't it grrrrrrand.  All my English aficionados are cringing that there could ever be a proper way to say a phrase with 'ain't' in it.

Day two and I was already coming up with excuses for avoiding my 'walking' exercise. Today's was "my fitbit HR is charging and can I record my exercise, how can I be sure that I'm not over-stressing my heart, how can I join any fitbit challenges today....and so on. Caught myself, started laughing, got on my treadmill and decided to make a list of all the creative and stupid excuses I make for not gifting myself with those feelings of accomplishment you can only get when completing daily goals. I'm posting a list by my treadmill of my excuses as they crop up and once they are there, they can never be used. I need a grrrrrand name for my new stupid excuses list. Yes, I think I should have been born a Scot.

By the way I survived, my heart didn't explode and I've named this excuse 'The Dead Fitbit' excuse.

I just downloaded this in audio version - I'll listen as I walk down treadmill lane tomorrow.  Stay tuned.